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How to increase Internet Speed 

Are you amongst the one who always keep on pondering that why your Internet connection is slow , even though you have just opened one or two websites ?

increase internet speed

Stop blaming your system for this slow internet speed. Today @freaksense, we will tell you a way that will let you know , which processes/websites are secretly accessing and slowing down your internet connection and how to increase internet speed .
You don’t need a third party software to find the reason behind your slow Internet connection .

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How to check which process are consuming Internet

To find out the reason behind the slow Internet connection, you need to know that which processes/websites are consuming your Internet .
You just need to use netstat command in command prompt window .
Follow the steps below to troubleshoot you Internet connection speed :
1. Click on Start and type cmd .
2. Right on cmd.exe and click on ‘Run as Administrator’ option .


3. Type netstat -b in the command prompt window . Netstat -b will display the name of all the applications that are consuming your Internet connection bandwidth in [] rectangular brackets .

netstat -b

From the snapshot , its clear that the following programs are executing in the background and secretly accessing your Internet connection :

  • chrome.exe
  • AvastSvc.exe

Terminating tasks with task Manager

The best way to terminate the background processes that are secretly consuming your internet is via Task Manager .

  •  Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the selection menu .
  •  Choose Start Task Manager from it .
  • Click on the Processes tab of Windows Task Manager . Choose the application/program that you want to close . Right click on the choosen program and click on End Process Tree .

task manager

It is best that you set your applications on ‘Manual Update’ rather than ‘Automatic Update’ .
In this simple way , you can have access to programs / processes that are secretly consuming your internet and slowing down your Internet connection speed . And via Task Manager , terminating unwanted processes will help you increase internet speed .

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