Easy and simple way to learn programming in C language (Introduction to programming) in Hindi

Posted on Jan 4 2013 - 12:05am by Rahul Thial

Does Programming seems like a ghost to you?

Does the name programming scares you?

We here at CodeMink have solution to these above questions. Learn programming in c language in 45 lectures by virtual university of Pakistan by Dr.Naveed Malik and be an expert in programming, its main feature is that it is in Hindi and easy to understand and every content of virtual universityprogramming is explained very precisely and in very simple way, this is very good platform for a beginner to learn and start his career in programming. You just have to sit and watch video tutorials for free which contains fruitful matter and lot of exercises to solve and a proper guideline to solve that problems.

We know as a programmer one should know about our basic programming languages and the basic platform of programming language is C.  As most of the software’s , operating systems , compilers and applications were designed using C after that using its syntax many other language such as C++ , java e.t.c. were came to an existence but to learn C++ and other languages one should be familiar with its origin/base which is language C , the mother all languages.

c programming languageDon’t  be afraid of programming in c language. It is nothing more than learning any of the subject but it just need your interest and willingness towards programming and your efforts . Everyone can become programmer but to become a good programmer you need to do practice and practice of writing programs again and again moreover it demands effort and patience.

After you will go through these 45 lectures of virtual university of Pakistan by Dr. Naveed malik , we asure you that  you will become a good programmer and will able to explore programming in a better way and your point of view about programming will change for sure and you will find programming in c as an interesting practice …..

These videos are available on Youtube. Click here to go directly to the youtube channel for programming tutorials.

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