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Posted on Dec 25 2013 - 1:37pm by Rahul Thial

Download Free PDF Compressor : The size of a document as a PDF can vary greatly based on what the author decides to add to the file.The presence of an image can not optimized, for example, going to add one or more MB to a PDF document.

Although seemingly trivial as this could be a real problem in all those circumstances where it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the files.

In such situations the use of a tool such as Free PDF Compressorcan definitely prove very useful.Download Free PDF Compressor


Free PDF Compressor is in fact asoftware totally free and can be used without any problems on all operating systems Windows that allows you to reduce the size of PDF files by going to act on the images attached to the documents .

Use Free PDF Compressor is very simple. Once the software is all you need to do is choose the PDF file that you want to compress and destination of the output file. From section setings you can choose the setting for the conversion of the file having the ability to select one of the different adjustments of the quality of the images of the entire file (the presets are available Screen , eBook , Printer , Prepress and Default ). The compression process can finally be started by clicking on the button Compress .

A quick test has compressed the size of an original PDF file of 346 KB to 237 KB with the option Screen 281 KB and with the option Prepress .

Free PDF Compressor is shown, therefore a more valuable resource that you can count on. The only flaw is the impossibility of being able to work on multiple files simultaneously .

Download Free PDF Compressor

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