Create a Site and Publish a Blog from Your Mobile Phone with Weebly

Posted on Aug 26 2013 - 3:44pm by 0ffliner

In 2008, and perhaps even before, there are automated applications to make websites without having to learn programming code or technical details.
Platform most commonly used to create websites today is called WordPress, but the application that has gained more popularity for its Ease of use is Weebly.
Weebly is really simple to use, just choose the name of the site and a theme to make it functional and immediately searchable on the internet for everyone.

Create a Site and Publish a Blog from Your Mobile Phone with Weebly

This can be done not only by the computer, but also of his cell phone from an iPhone or Android smartphone .
Weebly fact also has an application with which you can create and manage new websites Weebly blog already open.
With Weebly you can then publish new content, text and pictures directly from the phone.

If you have never used before Weebly, you can install the free app on Android or iPhone and sign up directly from the app, choosing just the name of the site, domain, and the theme of web pages.
The editing area offered by Weebly is quite simple and is divided into separate sections for photos and text. Photos can be added to each post from the gallery. You make take pictures from smartphone or with the camera. You can add captions or even apply filters to your photos.

The Text editor is very minimalist, but retains all the necessary options for formatting.
Images and text can be rearranged easily by using the reorder. Having written a post, you can now publish new content from your mobile phone and can be automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Application also allows you to manage comments, view statistics of the blog, and change the theme at any time. If you are already using the computer, the weely application is obviously even more useful. Weebly is not the only mobile app to create and publish articles on a mobile blog (for example, there’s the skinny Blogger or Tumblr popular), but it is one of the most complete.

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