Common Interview questions which are actually Illegal

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Common Interview questions which are actually Illegal

Whenever you go for an Interview , employers will try to gather as  much information about you as   possible . But sometimes they do so through illegal questioning and you don’t even notice this thing .

Its only up to the interviewee to recognise that for what purpose are these questions .

Actually , all those questions that reveal your age , race, national origin , gender , religion, marital status and sexual orientation are off- limits .

All State and federal laws make discrimination based on certain protected categories such as national origin , citizenship , age, marital status , disabilities , arrest and conviction record , military discharge status ,race,gender or pregnancy status are all illegal.

So if any interviewer asks you questions about  such topics , it is surely illegal .

However , if the employer states questions so that they directly relate to specific occupational qualifications , then the questions may be legitimate . Clearly ,  the intent behind the questions needs to be examined.

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Here are some Common interview questions that are actually illegal but are frequently asked during the interviews :

Are you Married ?

are you married

The interviewer may ask you this question just for knowing how much time can you dedicate to your work . But this is surely an illegal question as it reveals your marital status and can also reveal your sexual orientation .

Do you Have Children ?

do you have children

It is totally unlawful and illegal to deny employment to someone on the basis of whether they have children or they are planning to have children in future .

In case the interviewer in interested in knowing that how many hours can you coomit to your work , he must directly ask you like “What hours can you work ? ” .

How long have you been working?

how long have you been working

It is unlawful for the employer to ask you about how long have you been working as it would let the employer guess your age .

They can’t even ask you when is your birthday or which year did you get graduated .

But they can ask you “ How long have you been working in a certain industry ? “

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Do you have any outstanding debt ?

do you have any outstanding debt

Unless the employer has the permission to ask , he cant ask you about your credit history . He can’t ask about the amount of property you own etc .

Do you socially drink ?

do you socially drink

Employers can ask you about your drinking habits . It is unlawful to ask the interviewer about his drinking habits .

Which country are your from ?

which country are you from

Unless you have a different accent , you can’t be asked about the country you are from . Emploers can’t ask you legally about your nationality but they can surely ask you if you are authorised to wrok in a certain country or not .

When was the last time you used illegal drugs ?

illegal drugs

It is illegal for employers to ask you about your past drug addiction but they can surely ask you if you are currently using any drugs .

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