The Best 10 Android Apps for Your Phone

Posted on Jan 4 2014 - 9:18pm by 0ffliner

Whether you have recently purchased your favourite Android phone or are an experienced Android user, the ultimate component that you need every now and then are the Android apps. These apps let you get the most out of your phone every time and anytime you need. Here in this article, we will discuss the 10 best Android apps belonging to multiple categories. So here we go.

Android Apps for Smartphone

Android Apps for Smartphone

Google Play Music

Find, play and share your music effortlessly. What else do you need as a music lover? The All Access service from Google Play Music lets you listen to millions of songs, listen to handcrafted playlists, shuffle the songs from an artist and listen to the radio. The All Access feature further allows easy sharing of links to social networks.


Here comes the stuff for the photography lovers. With VSCO Cam app, you can take your mobile photography skills to a higher level.

The VSCO Cam features include:

  • Efficient editing elements such as Contrast, Exposure, Temperature, Fade, Vignette and more.
  • The filter navigation which allows filtering and organization of images.

Facebook Home

With Facebook Home, you can bring the content such as posts and photos to the front of your phone. You can customize your wallpaper with the Facebook photos and can browse the photos and posts from multiple networking sites.

Carbon for Twitter

Carbon for Twitter lets you get all the things you want such as Timelines, Trends, Profiles, Searches, Lists and Favourites all in one single screen. Carbon for Twitter has not been supported for the Tablets yet.

The unique features include:

  • Threaded user messages
  • Filters available for keywords and users
  • Browser and You Tube Player available
  • Timelines with inline images and videos


If you are addicted to your morning peak of news, Flipboard brings you the top stories from the various news outlets as well as the stories shared by your friends in social media.

Flipboard features include:

  • Access to news and social media updates in one place.
  • Access to different categories of news in an attractive magazine format.


This awesome picture management tool allows you to list 10000+ pictures and quickly browse through them. You can view the pictures in form of efficient slide shows and can protect the pictures with passwords.


Get an enriching reading experience with Nook. You can get access to over 1 million free books, magazines, comics and newspapers etc.

The Nook features include:

  • Adjustable brightness and contrast settings for a comfortable reading experience.
  • Night mode for bedtime reading.
  • Add notes and highlight section as you read.
  • Shop at Nook store.


Netflix is a renowned TV subscription service through which you can watch different programs on your Android device. Become a Netflix member and get access to thousands of programs right on your phone.

Pocket Casts

With Pocket Casts, you can take control of your podcasts list. Simply add your favourite podcasts with the app and you will be able to download the latest episodes whenever they become available.

The To-do list & Task list and the Calendar are two important tools needed for everyday synchronization of tasks. Simply make yourself organized through and improve your productivity at work.

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