Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 Comparison Between Two Best Operating System

Posted on Sep 26 2013 - 5:19pm by Rahul Thial

Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 Best Competitors Of Market

The eternal challenge between the operating system Google Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 continues the battle in all dimensions. Now that Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 and both are available for download for a large number of users, the comparisons between the two operating systems is waste. Though discussing its qualities is worth reading.

The Apple fanboy say that iOS 7 is definitely better than Android, the Google fanboy  say that it is definitely better than iOS Android 4.3 7. 

Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 Comparison Between Two Best Operating System

As you know, I do not deploy it on one side or the other. I use both operating systems and , if in some ways I prefer iOS 7, others think it is better in Android. Overall I feel better with Android, but not for this I would say that one or the other operating system face “sucks” . I think it’s Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 operating system they both are t00 excellent , both very fast, stable, smooth running.Neither is absolute best, but I think that every person considers the best one or the other according to their needs.

For example, such as ease of use iOS 7 is far superior to Android 4.3, but if we speak of customization, from this point of view Android wins . A level of fluency in both cases are at high levels, but if instead we talk about the backwards compatibility Apple’s operating system is a winner.

So, as you can see, there is no absolute winner in the battle between Android 4.3 vs iOS 7. Each user, as it should be, has their own ideas and preferences and, depending on their needs, operating system is judged  by another operating system . though I do not think it’s fair to Criticize unfairly the opinions of others those are not according to our need, if supported by valid reasons, I think it’s very interesting exchange of views on these two operating systems. What I do not tolerate, however, is that some people claim that one or the other OS are the absolute best, without being in the least able to argue their claims; these are talks to children, not adults and mature.

Today I would like to show you an interesting comparison between  Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 . It is a very long compared, in terms of images, which show similarities and differences between the two most popular operating systems in the world of smartphones and tablets.

Let’s see together this comparison between Android 4.3 vs iOS 7, possibly trying to be as objective as possible, without taking the position of childish legions of fans.

7 Comparison between Android 4.3 vs iOS 7 : similarities and differences between the two operating systems

Lock screen and Home

With the latest updates to the home screen between the two OS has become very similar. That of Android, suitably modified, is comfortable because it supports various widgets and allows you to directly launch some custom apps. iOS instead does not allow it, unless you do the jailbreak (not yet available for iOS 7).

android 4.3 vs iOS 7 image 1

With Android, besides, we can download as many alternative programs to customize the unlock screen and also what to do to unlock the smartphone. As I mentioned, Android allows much greater customization.

The lock screen of Android 4.3  is much more flexible with regard to its customization thanks to its widget, not yet supported by iOS 7. It also changes the speech of the menu: 7 out of iOS apps are all placed in the system screens, while on Android have the ability to customize each page with the apps and widgets that we want, leaving another screen full list of all installed apps. Also here is a matter of taste: I prefer to customize the home screen of Android as I want, but that of iOS 7 is much cleaner and better organized.

On each page of the  Home  of iOS 7 on iPhone 5 , 5C and 5S there is room for 24 different icons. On a Nexus 4 instead, subject to modification by the user. On Android, unlike iOS, but we can install an alternative launcher and change on the fly the themes, settings, and much more. All this is not possible on iOS.

Quick Controls and Notifications Android 4.3 vs iOS 7

With iOS 7 introduces the Control Center, which adds some features that were expected by many users and they were absolutely necessary. Running a slide from the bottom up you can indeed manage Wifi, Bluetooth, music playback, brightness, and much more. The Control Center iOS 7 in my opinion is much better than that of Android: more beautiful, complete and convenient to use. On Android, Samsung and LG are only able to do better than Apple, and Google’s Nexus smartphones have a Control Centre, which in my opinion should be completely revised.

android 4.3 vs iOS 7 image 2

iOS 7 has taken the idea of ​​the Control Center to Android, but it has definitely improved and made more comfortable and complete.

As for notifications, however, the Notification Center in iOS 7 has been completely redesigned and now brings up the events of the day thanks to the integration with the calendar. In addition, those who find the page overly busy, it can also choose to hide (or show) certain information. I, frankly, I prefer the center notifications of Apple than Android: Google can do much better by introducing more information. It ‘s true, however, that the Play Store Android are many programs available to customize the notifications center, but greater customization by Google would not hurt, indeed. For me, from this point of view, Apple wins.

A big plus for iOS 7 is that it is the control center for the Notification Center can be accessed from any screen where you are, even if you are playing or watching a movie. In Android however is not always possible to call functionality, especially when using applications in full screen.

Customization Features

At the level of customization there is little to say, Android wins hands down in every point of view. Widgets, themes, launcher, icons and much more. Here Apple can compete only after the jailbreak, but it will void the warranty of your smartphone. On Android, however, the customization can be done with the device completely original.

android 4.3 vs iOS 7 image 3

Recently, then, Apple has introduced the live wallpaper on the iPhone, but copying the idea from Android, where these wallpapers are available for several years now.

Phone and Contacts

From this point of view I do not like Apple, will Android. Only Samsung and HTC, in fact, have introduced the quick search for contacts to the address book, in my opinion very useful function. On Android, unlike Apple, you can see the pictures of the contacts in the phonebook list, but it’s a small thing.

android 4.3 vs iOS 7 image 7

On-screen keyboard and messaging

Despite the keyboard of iOS 7 has improved, that of Android is still far superior. First of all because it supports Swype, which lets you write on the screen by dragging your finger on the screen, and then because of the Play Store you can easily download other alternative keyboards, which is not possible on iOS.

android 4.3 vs iOS 7 image 8


The email client for Android and iOS that should be improved on several fronts in my opinion. They work well for the basic operations, but exist for both iOS and Android and the best software that allow you to more comfortably handle the incoming and outgoing calls.


Productivity Tools

Here I do not have much to say, except that I get on well with Android because I have everything synced with Google.

Multitasking and support for multiple users

I’ve never needed to use support more users for Android, which, however, is not available on iOS.

As for multitasking, I think now that iOS is better, because it allows you to keep applications open in the background and reopen them exactly where we had left. On Android, however, if you close a game and put it in multitasking when you reopen it then you have to start from scratch (except in exceptional cases).


On both iOS and Android, then, it lacks the ability to close all apps in the background with a single touch on the display (on Android it is resolved by downloading programs from the Play Store, instead of iOS you can not do anything).

Siri against Google Now

For now there’s Santo which takes: Siri is much better than Google Now, at least in Italy, given that Google commands by us still work in fits and starts. This is a big problem for Android, which we hope will be solved soon.

Internet browser

Both  Chrome  on Android 4.3 that  Safari  on iOS 7 are ideal for surfing the web quickly through multiple tabs and the possibility to visit the pages in incognito, but without a trace in the history. Both can sync bookmarks and open pages on different devices, which is useful for those who are often changing between smartphones, tablets and computers. Safari, however, has the ” Reading List “that transforms web pages in a more convenient for reading by saving them in a separate list.

internet surfing

On Android, however, we can download as many alternative browsers that also support the Adobe Flash Player, which is impossible on iOS.


The Google maps are much better and more accurate and include the Street View feature, although the Apple have improved over time.


Interface Camera and Gallery

From this point of view, the two software have become quite similar, especially for the gallery. I do not like the layout of the controls for the camera of Android 4.3, I prefer to iOS 7. Recently, then, Apple introduced the filters in Instagram style, but by copying the function to Android, which has introduced the first.

android 4.3 vs iOS 7 image 5

Anyway, from this point of view there are no major differences in terms of available functions.

One thing that differentiates the two OS is the possibility of sharing on the web: iOS 7 can only be done on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, while Android also allows you to share other applications like Instagram, Skype or WhatsApp and all those we have installed on your smartphone.


Android is much better, because we can copy-paste any media file on the device and he digests it without any problem, allowing us to play with one of the many programs that we can download for free from the Play Store. The thing, however, is more complicated for iOS, where we can only transfer media files via iTunes.

Apple offers  iTunes Radio , free music streaming service, while Google provides instead  Play Music All Access  which is to stream the songs loaded on its server.

AppStore vs. Play Store

On both stores have hundreds of thousands of App On Apple store are maybe more games and applications with a graphical cured and elegant, but on the Play Store Google are no doubt a greater number of applications to download for free. However, now the two store are equivalent as regards the number and quality of the applications.


As we have seen, it is almost impossible to determine the winner of the clash between Android 4.3 vs iOS 7. It is, as we said at the beginning of two great operating systems, both very good, very similar in some ways and very different in others. Each user, depending on your needs, you will find the best one or the other, but without the need to snub the other OS competitor.

I, using them both, am I better off with Android, but absolutely respect the opinion of those who say that you are better off with iOS  instead And which way you deployed? 7 Better iOS or Android 4.3? feel free to comment :)

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